About Kūmānu

At Kūmānu we believe our land, environment and species are precious, we exist to safeguard these natural assets to protect and enhance what is sacred to our communities and New Zealand.

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Conservation Services

We pride ourselves on taking an applied approach to ecology that includes ecological best practice, and financial realities, ensuring we deliver meaningful advice and practical services that are measurable, achievable, and realistic.

Our understanding of ecological principles and their implementation is based on the knowledge of our staff, and many years of combined experience (both individually, and as a company).

Our staff are Certified Environmental Practitioners, who are bound to a code of environmental ethics to ensure outcomes and work are in accordance with the EIANZ (Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand).


Kūmānu landscape architects work with businesses to design high performing, sustainable landscapes that meet consent requirements, fit project budgets, delight customers, and become valuable business assets.

From beautifying commercial frontages through to designing large outdoor spaces for motels, restaurants, hospitals and residential developments, our qualified landscape architects have the passion, knowledge and resources to create high-functioning landscapes that work for business.

Kūmānu Landscape Architects work with industry professionals, businesses and organisations at every stage of the landscape planning and design process.