Pike 29 Memorial Track - Paparoa Great Walk

Project Title
Pike 29 Memorial Track

Department of Conservation

Westcoast, Black Ball , Paparoa National Park

Trail Construction

2017 - 2019

Kumanu’s unique team of highly skilled trail builders is proud to be involved in the construction of the Pike 29 section of the Paparoa Great Walk. This track is a shared-use track that is being constructed to a ‘Great Walk’ standard. This is a highly technical build and has been ongoing since August 2017. Our crew regularly work in demanding backcountry conditions to exact standards, in a highly sensitive environment.

We operate crews of three trail builders, working 7 days on, 7 days off. Staff live on site while working and are fully self-sufficient on site. In order to complete this work within the agreed timeframe, we have designed and installed two bivvy accommodation units on site, in order to reduce travel time for staff and increase productivity. We have also established a second trail head at the Moonlight Tops end of the trail, so now have three crews working constantly on the track.

The key relevance of this project is that it is also a shared use track. The key challenge in that regard is to create a trail that will provide mountain bikers with a great riding experience while accommodating the needs of walkers