Wetlands and waterways services

We can care for our natural assets by ensuring wetlands and waterways are clean and habitable. Whether it’s a restoration project, a new planting or controlling over-abundant vegetation or plant pests, our expertise ensures these assets thrive for generations.

  • Plant identification skills in wetland ecosystems.

  • Identifying natural wetlands and applying significance criteria to identify significant areas for purposes of identification in the regional plan (schedule of significant wetlands).

  • Utilising science-based wetland indicators to monitor the condition of palustrine wetlands, including vegetation ordinations, soil assessments, hydrological monitoring (including designing and installing groundwater monitoring wells).

  • Accurately delineating wetlands by assessing vegetation types (obligative, facultative species), soils, and localised hydrology for numerous riverine and palustrine wetlands.

  • Developing constructed wetland planting designs for eutrophic systems.

Our team is adept in coastal environments, and have experience in:

  • Plant identification and vegetation mapping in coastal ecosystems.

  • Developing restoration planting plans for dune, back dune, estuarine margins, and intertidal zones.

  • Developing a seasonal migratory bird monitoring programme.

  • Participating in a stakeholder consultation process to identify coastal areas with significant conservation values in relation to nesting and migratory birds.