Biosecurity services for regional pests


Whether you need one-off advice and assistance, or ongoing care and maintenance, Kūmānu offers competitive rates for your project.

Our team have extensive experience developing pest plant eradication and control plans in Tasman and various regions around New Zealand. Our biosecurity experience includes:

  • Designing strategies for controlling environmental pest plants. We have a detailed understanding of the appropriate and safe use of chemicals, and effective strategies/priortisation for controlling pest plants on a landscape scale.

  • Undertaking and managing the operational pre-control surveys, monitoring, and post-control works.

  • Developing pest animal control strategies, and monitoring techniques (tracking tunnels, chew cards, wax tags). We are aware of the nuisances required for pest-animal control in and around urban environments and have provided control designs in urban-sensitive areas where local community perceptions towards pest animal control have required novel, alternative methods.

  • Designing and implementing plans for the eradication of mammals within a pest-proof fence-areas as well as suppressing and controlling pest mammals (rodents, possums) at a landscape-scale (>100,000 ha).

Species and weeds our team has experience in:

  • Rooks

  • Goats

  • Feral cats

  • Mustelids

  • Rodents

  • Rabbits

  • Possums

  • Old Man’s Beard

  • Spartina

  • Nassella

  • Chilean Needle Grass