Tracks and trails services

We can deliver any track or trail project from start to finish. From consents and consultation to project planning and delivery, Kūmānu has a team ready to assist with creating new tracks and trails for your community and visitors to enjoy. We also carry out maintenance, repairs and upgrades of existing tracks and trails.

High quality concept designs

  • Resource and building consent processes

  • Construction, including any required underground infrastructure

  • Landscape architecture

  • Maintenance and repairs

  • Project management through every stage of the process

  • Liaising with other service providers and contractors

  • Application and management of consent processes

  • Stakeholder management and communication

  • Managing budgets and on-time delivery

Our team has helped build portions of Nga Haerenga The New Zealand Cycle Trail. We’ve worked on all levels of mountain bike tracks within parks and wilderness trails and have constructed hundreds of trails and tracks for walking and tramping throughout New Zealand. We understand the importance of providing quality tourism infrastructure and can provide in-field technology solutions including GIS and Vworks.

We are known for creating multi-use link tracks and trails that are equally suitable for cycle and pedestrian users. We make use of heavy machinery and tools to complete the trickiest of trails, while also minimising impact of construction work on the environment. Within our extended team, we have technical partners and established contractors who help us provide an integrated service for our customers.

Our trail designers have the experience to match the track grades in the New Zealand Cycle Trail Design Guide and our project management expertise means we can manage aspects of the project, from start to finish.